Our Process

  1. Getting Started
    Every new customer receives a binder that includes:
    • A copy of the agreement
    • List of authorized people who can access the files
    • Blank inventory forms
    • Sheets of barcode stickers for the boxes
    • Instruction sheet for filling out the inventory forms

    To help make the filing process as easy as possible, we provide an instruction sheet and all of the supplies you need. We even provide extra copies of the inventory forms and barcodes so that you will always have them on hand.

  2. Taking an Inventory of the Files
    We provide pre-numbered barcodes for use with each file carton. These barcodes include your unique file carton account number and is associated with your inventory list. By using barcodes, we can store your files anonymously, ensuring better security.

    On the inventory forms that we provide, you can include as little or as much information as you need. However, we strongly urge you to be as thorough as possible. Taking a little extra time with the inventories may save a great amount of time and expense later when a record may need to be retrieved for use.

  3. Getting the Files to Us
    When your files are ready, give us a call to schedule a pickup.

  4. Retrieving Your Files When You Need Them
    When you need a file, we will retrieve it for you and will either deliver it to your office or you may pick it up. We have many delivery options available, and you can access your files anytime you need it.

  5. Shredding Old Files
    When a file is nearing its shred date, we’ll contact you to make sure that you are still ready to shred the file. If so, we’ll take care of shredding it for you.
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